Who are we?

We're private individuals, not a big research organisation.

Our research team and associated members is broad and includes psychologists, researchers, trainers, learning and development specialists, barristers, solicitors, mediators, GPs, nurses, CAMHS specialists, corporate and commercial compliance officers, and business strategy leaders. Everyone is a volunteer with one sole goal: to improve the lives of children, their own and others, involved in family law within the UK.

A vast number of our members have active cases, either with the courts, with Cafcass, or with the CMS and so we must operate a no-names policy alongside our no-case-specific details policy.

You can contact us through our contact page in the first instance


What are we doing?

We're working on a research project looking at various aspects of family law and how it impacts on the children involved.


Why are we doing this?

That's a good question. Initially we're building a picture of the landscape around children and current law in the UK. We have been researching aspects of family law and case histories for over a year now, but all of that information and research is quite bland when looked at out of context, or buried away in personal files.


From time to time we run surveys and ask people to take part. If you do take part please rest assured that your data will is only used anonymously.

The surveys themselves will be anonymous, but any use we may make of the data collected will also be completely anonymised so that whatever answers you give and whatever comments you may make cannot, in any way, be connected to you or your family.

We hope that you will take part when you can and that you won't find any of the questions too upsetting.

Grateful Thanks

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the individuals who lit the path that we are following. For many years now people from all walks of life have been trying to get to the truth behind the decisions made by organisations around the family courts - they've written thousands of letters to everyone from Cafcass to the Prince of Wales, but they never ever gave up, even when they received reply after reply brushing them off and telling them to go away and bother someone else.

It is their footsteps that we follow; it is their shoulders that we stand on; it is their children that bore the brunt of the system that came before the one we have now.

It is almost certainly too late for our own children but in the words of the Manic Street Preachers:

Monuments put from pen to paper
Turns me into a gutless wonder

And if you tolerate this
Then your children will be next
And if you tolerate this
Then your children will be next

(c) Manic Street Preachers: Nick Jones, James Dean Bradfield, and Sean Moore

Our children deserve better, not just for themselves but also for their own children when their turn comes to enter the family courts.