Cafcass Library Parental Alienation Resources

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  1. Peter Davies says:

    That does not auger well.
    Key articles such as those from Bernet from pre DSM 5 and this one, William Bernet, ‘Children of High Conflict Divorce Face Many Challenges’ (2015) Psychiatric Times , are missing. The last one is especially important because it cross references symptoms of PA which were included in the DSM 5 for the first time..
    They really could and absolutely NEED to do much better.

  2. Samantha Cotton says:

    Hi Peter – I’m trying to help a friend who’s children are categorically victims of PA by his ex-wife. We are due in court on 10th Jan (he made an application to have the existing court order reinforced as she completely ignores it. Do you have any tips for us? I will be his McKenzie friend. Thanks, Sam

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