Cafcass, MPs, and complaints

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  1. Ally says:

    From my discussions with Cafcass line managers, I understand that you cannot complain about an FCAs professional viewpoint, you can only complain about their personal conduct ie if they were rude to you etc
    Because the FCA reports to court, their reports belong to them & not to cafcass as a whole, but I was told that ‘vigorous quality control’ is undertaken by a line manager. The extent of that appeared to be the reading of the report, not reviewing all the ancillary notes & evidence provided to that FCA, to see if their professional judgement was accurate.
    In other professions where an opinion is provided, the overriding check (from a professional liability point of view) is whether the same opinion would have been arrived by someone of similar qualifications/expertise at GIVEN THE EVIDENCE PROVIDED. So just reading a report seems pretty pointless.

  2. LAC Parent says:

    I involved our MP in our case with the LA. She wrote to our LA and said please can you respond to x. ( my list of questions)
    LA took an age to respond.
    MP reviewed their response and sent an email back to LA – “you hav’ent answered the questions, please do so” and copied my into this response.
    She eventually got full response from LA plus confirmation that one thing would be changed (that was good!) and sent this to me saying ‘any further issues I can help with let me know’.
    So MP did’ent take sides as such
    More about ensuring that people in my position are enabled to challenge by having a ‘more powerful friend.’

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