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Opinions of the Voice of the Child and other contributors on research completed or required into aspects of Family Law and the impact on children

CMS – Repeating the mistakes of the past, ten minutes at a time…..

Heidi Allen is continuing her misguided crusade against parents and children with a 10 minute Bill being held in the House of Commons on November 28th.

You need to understand the history behind her actions and their potential implications. Get your MP involved and make your voice heard in joining us for a wholesale reform of the Child Maintenance Legislation in the UK.

Child Internal Relocation

Internal Relocation – Airbrushing parents from children’s lives and charging them for it

Internal Relocation – An alienating strategy Upon the breakdown of a parental relationship it is seemingly not uncommon for one party to attempt to place distance between themselves and their former partner/spouse. When this...

CMS Complaint Letter

Letter to MP

Letter sent to one of our local MPs to raise awareness of Parental Alienation and Cafcass’ lack of training with a request to rase this with Ministry of Justice

CMS Complaint Letter

Letter to Unison

Letter sent to Unison, one of the main unions for Cafcass FCAs, raising the issue of lack of graining and reliance by Cafcass on individual FCA’s professional judgement