Heidi Allen and her 10 minute Bill – An analysis

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  1. Nick Dawkins says:

    Bad enough how the CMS calculate things now. Been in touch with my MP numerous times (Dennis Skinner), on different things about the CMS. Paying parents get penalised all the time. Especially when you still have to pay your tax & NI on top as well as all your bills leaving very little money to do things with my son when he’s with me. Disgraceful

  2. Hi Nick

    The point you’re making is about the calculation itself as a percentage of your income. It’s an argument we hear from a lot of Paying Parents; that the calculation is set at too high a figure, especially for Paying Parents on lower incomes, leaving them unable to do things with their children when their children do come to stay/see them. They also make the point that as the Paying Parent, even if they have 50/50 or close to 50/50 they receive no child benefits, they have no access to the benefits or other financial help and support that Receiving Parents have access to.

    It’s a difficult one. We can see both sides of the discussion. Could we ask… what do you consider would be a fair percentage of your income to be for child maintenance?

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