Child Maintenance Service Satisfaction Survey 2017

4 Responses

  1. Stuart Kelly says:

    And the ice complaints are just as bad same company gets you no where

  2. Leanne monaghan says:

    Cms should be scrapped terrible service they don’t consider what the father can afford and poor guys are left indept no money

  3. Elizabeth Commons says:

    There rules so not apply to self employed millonares in the Commonwealth of KY .the poor women suffer the heck with the mom busting her tail .KY cares less .it’s called the good ole boy net work round here .

  4. Mike Oxlong says:

    If an NRP is prepared to pay regular(weekly) maintenance payments direct to the PWC the CMS should not be involved. If the NRP will not pay courts should be the solution. Maintenance payments should not be calculated against salary. Child benefit is not? Maintenance payments should go direct to the child on a payment card that way the money is guaranteed to be spent on your child and not to subsidise the PWC earnings to be spent at the local nail bar/ nightclub. The CMS are clueless and do not know there own highly complex legislation and result to lying to rectify this both to NRP & PWC. In a nutshell mine and others taxpayers money is been spent on these incompetent buffoons salary to persecute NRP and mismanage the individual cases.

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