The CMS have been getting pension contributions wrong for years. Are you due a refund?

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  1. Nick Lane says:

    Another question which arises is what constitutes a “private” versus an “employer” pension (as defined in the CMS’s “How we work out child maintenance” PDF on page 12 ( I have two workplace pensions, one a SIPP (Self invested personal pension) and the other a Group Personal Pension Plan. The case worker dealing with my case is suggesting that these are “Employer Pensions” and should be treated in the same way as occupational pensions, despite the fact that this is clearly not the case. Both pensions are personal pensions subject to the basic rate 20% “relief at source” and have not resulted in the salary amount reported to HMRC by my employer being reduced (as would be the case for an occupational pension). As the occupational pension guidance does not mention the contribution being gross or net, she is then trying to suggest that only the net amount should be used. Is the CMS term “Private Pension” defined anywhere, and is this the same as a “Personal Pension” as defined by the pension providers and HMRC? I would really appreciate it if you could email me any links to websites where this term is defined.

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