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  1. K.Parker says:

    I have read the FOI you made with interest. Just yesterday I called the CMS as for 6 months I have not received a penny from NRP – the assessment based on false income details in the first place and therefore calculated at just £23 a week for 3 children from their self-employed father.

    I was informed I had to wait before a change of payment type to provide evidence as I disputed the earnings he declared- how does one do this? It wasn’t until after the reconsideration – which did not change the amount payable as obviously I had no solid evidence – that I could request a change of service to collect and pay. I have repeatedly advised that the income the nrp has declared is false but the CMS will do nothing and make no referral to the financial investigation unit until I provide evidence – as dad has a right to be believed.

    Fair enough – we all have a right to be believed though surely? And given CMS couldn’t make a calculation on the nrp based on self-assessment tax returns as……he hadn’t submitted one for over 10 years (tax evasion)…perhaps this would have been enough for a referral to the Investigation Unit. No.

    Okay – how about nrp has 2 other children with 2 other women and never paid for either – no afraid not, this was on the old system so doesn’t count.

    Okay – how about the fact he is doing the exact same job he had whilst we were together, so I have had sight of his earnings and know its substantially more? Nope.

    Okay – how about the fact that nrp was released from prison for fraud only earlier this year, therefore has a history of dishonesty? Nope – not that either. Dad was sent a letter asking him what he earned – and he gave them a figure, therefore has been fully compliant….

    I’m really not sure how not paying any child maintenance at all is fully compliant – but there you go. A convicted fraudster, tax evader and historical child maintenance evader is believed…because that is his right. I’m not sure why 3 young children don’t have any rights to support from their father, but the vulnerable get abused and when has it ever been any different?

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