Costs of childhood – Where’s the research?

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  1. Grimsey says:

    Single parents also get tax credits at the couple rate of £20,000.

    If they didn’t have kids the single childless person rate is only £13,400 (nrp’s are in this group (but they ain’t childless) unless they have a new partner or family

    Single parents used to get the single person rate but this was upped to the couple rate to help with the cost of running a home for the children. Thus housing costs are covered already.

    Obviously the amount a single parent receives in tax credits varies according to earnings but it will always be more than what a single person would get.

    The tax credits online calculator is a handy tool to see how it all works out.

    If a jobless partner moves in with a single parent then they would get nothing at all By way of tax credits for them as they are already getting tax credits as if there was a stay at home non working partner already there but they do not have to feed or clothe them. They effectively get the same rate as a family of 4 where one stays at home and one works.

    If a father has x days contact why base anything on a single parent rate of the cost of a child and not the couple rate considering they will have costs for contact too for which they get nothing at all from anywhere even if they earn below the single childless person rate as no child element is included.

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