Child Maintenance Policies and Procedures

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The Child Maintenance Service has a host of internal documents, policies, and procedures on how case workers should make decisions or respond to enquiries in any given situation.

We believe, from the anecdotal reports we have received, that these policies and procedures are being used by case workers rather than the legislation itself to inform their decision making processes.

On this basis we have requested full copies from them as follows:

Dear Child Maintenance Service,


Please provide a complete copy of your internal policies and procedure pages available to your case workers on your intranet.


For clarity, we are not asking to be signposted to the legislation. We already have a complete copy of the publicly available legislation. We are requesting copies of your internal policies and procedures which will, as examples shown below, include:


Assurance and Guidance
Case Closure
Civil Enforcement
Civil Enforcement in Scotland
Maintain Case…



This list that we are providing to you is an example list only and we are aware of many more categorisation items and pages contained within your internal procedures system available on your sharepoint.


We expect these to be a full set of these pages, and that you also include all other documents that these procedures refer to. An example would be your document entitled “Debt Steer” or your document entitled “Decision making guidance” which are referenced in various places of the copies we have already seen in the hands of others.


Yours faithfully,


Voice of the Child


We will update this page with any responses or documents that are forthcoming.

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