Child Maintenance Service – Policy, Law and Decision Making Guidance

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We have copies of a set of documents called “Policy, Law and Decision Making Guidance” (PLDMG). If you saw our recent post on Child Maintenance Policies then you will have started to understand the processes that caseworkers go through (or should go through) when dealing with CMS cases.

Here is the full list of documents in the PLDMG:

13 Week Linking Rule

42 day appeal timescales

Abbreviations and Glossary

Action of Furthcoming



Arrears Methods of Collection Overview

Arrestment (Scotland)

Arrestment on the Dependence

Attachment (Scotland)


Boarding school fees (Variation)

Can the child be a Relevant Other Child  Рthis was in the index but not provided

Certain Payments (Varition)

Changes to a Special Expenses Variation

Charge for Payment

Charging orders


Child of the family or Child abrod

Child supported under a family based arrangement

Contact Costs (Variation)

Corrections of decisions

Court Orders

Court Proceedings and Presentation

Credit Reference Agency

Current Income (Employment)

Current Income Self Employed

Deduction from Earnings Orders and Requests

Deduction Orders

Default maintenance decisions

Determining child status flowchart

Direct (non scheme) payments

Direct Lodgement

Direct Pay Choice

Diversion of Income (Variation)

DMG Debt Steer

Earned Income Variations

Effective Date Table 1 – Initial Effective Date

Effective Date Table 2 – Supersession – Income Related Changes

Effective Date Table 3 – Supersession – Add Child Role

Effective Date Table 4 – Supersession- Remove Child Role

Effective Date Table 5 – Supersession – Other

Effective Date Table 6 – Close Case

Effective Date Table 7 – Revisions

Effective Dates

Estimating current income

Evidence and Decision Making

Exceptional Attachment

Financial Transition

Freezing Orders


Historic Income

Income Reviews


Initial Effective Date

Interim Attachments

Last Known or Last Notified Address

Legal Enforcement (England and Wales) Ovrview

Legal Enforcement (Scotand) Overview


Liability orders (Scotland)

Liability Orders

Long Term or Illness Disability of a Relevant Other Child

Maintenance Calculation Overview

Managing Client Contact

Mandatory Reconsideration


Offsetting Third Party Payments

Order for interdicting and action for reduction (Scotland)

Other factors Overview Maintenance calculations


Parentage Disputes

Payment Allocation

POST-Initial dispute ASSUMED at initial MC – flowchart

POST-Initial dispute NOT ASSUMED at initial – flowchart

PRE-Initial MC Parentage flowchart

Prior Debts Variation

Rates and Rules

Reactive Transition

Recovery from Deceased Estates

Relevant Other Child Decision Making Guidance

Revisiting decisions flowchart


Role Reversal and Split Care Offsetting

Sanctions (Scotland)


Service Types and Methods of Payment

Setting Aside Disposition Order

Shared Care


Suspending Debt

Third Party Debt Orders

Umbrella Company

Unearned Income Variation

Universal Credit

Unlikely To Pay

Variation Orders

Variations Overview

Verification of Death

Voluntary Payments

Write Off and Case Closure Write Off



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