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We have written before about the importance of establishing the accuracy of the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) calculations. Many of our users have written to us outlining their dissatisfaction with the way that their cases have been handled.

Errors caused by the CMS cause stress and harm parental relationships which ultimately harms children.

As a first step, when experiencing the problems caused by the CMS you need to do three things:

  • Let the CMS know that you are dissatisfied with a formal written complaint
  • Request a full account audit to establish whether their historical actions were correct
  • A Subject Access Request (SAR) to obtain copies of all the decisions and information held by the CMS on your file. This should outline where “discretionary decisions” have been made which are often the source of errors which compound over time.

We have written a pro forma letter for you to print out and send to the CMS. You will need to amend the highlighted sections to that they are particular to your own case. Make sure you also send a copy of the letter to your MP  so that they are aware of the actions of the department and of your dissatisfaction, and the impact on the children.

Pro-forma complaint letter: Link to File


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