FIU in house training, policies and procedures

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Financial Investigation Unit Policies and Procedures

DWP was asked to provide an index of policies and procedures used by members of the Financial Investigation Unit when conducting “Complex Earner Investigations”

we are unable to answer your request as the Child Maintenance Service Financial Investigations Unit (FIU) does not operate under any internal policy or guidance

FIU Training

What training does the FIU undertake?

Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist training was developed and overseen by Portsmouth University via the Counter Fraud Professional Accreditation Board.

Further information on this training can be found on the Universities website at the following link:


In addition, Justin Tomlinson MP (the Junior Minister responsible for the CMS) told Heidi Allen MP that “In addition, they receive in-house training in investigative techniques, interviewing, complex earners and specialist investigations
DWP was asked to provide their in-house training materials on investigative techniques, interviewing, complex earners and specialist investigations; they said:

we have no internal training materials regarding Investigative techniques, Interviewing, complex earners and specialist investigations.

So, either Justin Tomlinson was wrong, he was lied to, or the DWP is not being truthful at this time. 
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