How much does it cost to run the Child Maintenance Service?

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In August 2017 someone made a FOI request to uncover what the levied fees and charges were used for. This request can be seen here: Child Maintenance DEO Fees and Charges

As part of the DWP/CMS’s response they disclosed the following:

The cost of running the Child Maintenance Service in 2015/16 was around £114 million. In contrast, the income received from fees and charges in the same year was just £8.5 million, which is under 10% of the total running cost.


This information was published in the DWP Child Maintenance Reforms 30 Month Review of Charges in August 2017:

They added:

Receipts from clients are reported in the Client Funds Account for the 2012 Child Maintenance Scheme. Since the introduction of charging in 2014, receipts include application fees and charges collected from paying parents and receiving parents using the Collect and Pay Service; these are then paid to the Department.
LINK to Client Funds Accounts 2015-2016

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