Topics: Cafcass Tools

These research articles primarily look at the Tools that Cafcass have developed for use in family law cases assigned to them, how these tools were developed, who by, and what training Cafcass provide on their use to their Family Court Advisors.

It’s not a pretty picture…

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Cafcass Positive Parenting Programme (CPPP)

Cafcass, evidence, and witnesses

Sarah Parsons talks about the Cafcass Tools Matrix

Spotlight on Sarah Parsons from Cafcass

Cafcass National Improvement Service (NIS)

Cafcass and their Assessment of Coercive Control Tool

Cafcass and their Safe Contact Indicator Tool

My needs, wishes and feelings – Guidance for Cafcass practitioners

Impact of Parental Hostility Tool

Cafcass and Implacable Hostility (Parental Alienation)