UPDATED: Open Letter to Anthony Douglas CEO of Cafcass

3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Amazing letter. Strength in numbers . Yes they are incompetent it needs to change and actually the kids need to be thought of more . This organisation disgusts me

  2. kurtis howard says:

    We need to go straight to the organ Grinder.Cafcass are just a plastic organisation to plug a hole .As a Probation company they double up as so called child experts .Its like asking a Bricklayer to diversify as Dentists.We need to have men’s issues represented in the women’s equality party in parliament.Until we take on the feminazi and their off shoot Women’s Institute Corporation ,we have little chance of changing this instutanal sexism and the biased organisations they have their dirty hands all over

  3. Shaun baker says:

    I made a mistake now my children must suffer thanks

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