Sarah Parsons talks about the Cafcass Tools Matrix

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  1. Nick Branson says:

    The superficial descriptions on forms and video seem reassuringly authoritative but lurking beneath the fancy wrapping paper an empty space.

    Cafcass staff clearly cobble it together every day. No understanding of domestic violence the useless toolkit forms that are both subjective and not understood and are not used anyway. Outcomes for children decided by an office generated wisdom instead.

    Why not expertise led (Cafcass does not employ one expert psychologist even) and put this knowledge into the body of the organisation? Cafcass becoming expert in understanding relationships and situations. Use tools designed by experts that are available today that authoratively highlight risk and always use them.

    Record outcomes and make open to public scrutiny for feedback and accountability and see Cafcass get authority back in return. Follow up on outcomes for children so that the reality of the decisions made become relevant and important to the people making them.

    Best Welfare of Children or public relations?

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