Spotlight on Heidi Allen MP

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  1. rumbled says:

    The directors use their company diesel cards to pay for private petrol. The workers use the cards to pay their petrol. Their clothes are taken as work clothes, their meals are entertainment. The bribes of champagne are put through as company xmas party, their car maintenance (personal cars ) are put through the company . The expensive Mac etc is put through the company . Not to even start on ‘cash no invoice’ . Money can be taken as a directors loan for the duration of the child being a child. The list goes on and on. All whilst the cms is cut as he pays the mortgage with the tax payers money not declared in a round about way. The girlfriend even has a petrol card as he says she drives him to look at jobs ! REALLY . the system needs to change . 100% carer not even 10% of salary to pay for the children . IT STINKS . REFORM IS NEEDED

  2. Thank you for your comment. You’re obviously not aware of the strict rules HMRC have on what can be classed as an expense and what is classed as a benefit in kind – benefit in kind income appears in HMRC records and is picked up every year by the CMS with their HMRC integration.

    By all means take a read of HMRC’s strict guidance on “Wholly and exclusively” business expenses to answer your questions on clothing, mileage, company car use, xmas parties etc:

  3. ah yes Heidi Allen, a member of the “do as i say not as i do brigade” seems to be one of the biggest anti misandry hypocrites. One thing Heidi seems to overlook a few important issues regarding CMS, it isn’t a legally qualified body, nor are the members of staff who work there, but they are quite happy to issue all this legal advice to fathers, breach the Solicitors Act 1974 and seem to think that is ok, CMS and its staff members are not financially licenced, but again they tell fathers what they can survive on;

    couple of questions, since when did a public this public body pay out all of this money to these mums in order for them to say to the fathers “you owe the Agency ££££££ in unpaid child support””” fathers should and must demand a copy of their public accounts to show this so called debt, also those mums on benefits, since when did the father owe the Secretary of State money, wake up people we the public pay benefit bills out of our taxes, its nothing to do with the Secretary of State, this is fraud

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