Survey into Cafcass involvement in court cases

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  1. john turner says:

    cafcass what a cruel joke, i thought they were there to protect the children and help the familys to have good contact arrangements between each other, but no, they take the residant parent side and make the non resident parent out to be some kind of monster, havent seen my darling children for 2 years girl 12 and boy 10, because of them i dont think i will ever see my kids again, all i am guilty of is going through an acrimouious divorce, so if you go through a bad divorce you never see your kids again.

  2. David jones says:

    During my interaction with CAFCASS it was very obvious that my concerns or input wete totaly ignored. I had no convictions have held a DBS for twenty years without any concerns but due to moms protestations i was reduced to seeing my children to once every two weeks. The CAFCASS worker spoke to me twice but according to court rexords held four meetings with mom

  3. kurtis howard says:

    I felt traumatised by Cafcass.Still cant get over their abuse.Lied manipulated pushed for a reaction from me.I have never felt so intimidated.I took witnesses to an interview with them where I new they were trying to set me up.They were as well ,luckily my Dad spoke up for me against the female officers aggression.They recorded the interview trying to get me to react to prove her report.This is the game they play ,wind you up and try to get a reaction so you lose …

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